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Floral Clock

For many years, the floral clock has showcased the creativity and artistry of the gardeners who painstakingly maintain and design the floral arrangements with up to 5000 plants. The Floral Clock not only serves as a timepiece but also as a living work of art.

Installed in 1936, this is one of the last Floral Clocks ever made that was driven by a traditional mechanical clock movement.  It is a testament to the maker Richie & Sons of Edinburgh that it has continued working each summer ever since, totalling over half a billion clicks.   It is probably one of the last 2 of its kind still existing.

New Clockhouse

Standing a few yards away from the floral clock is the Clock House that contains the clock mechanism.  Rebuilt in 2023, it displays the original clock movement. The “cuckoo”  has not worked for 40 years but has now been restored, and will call out the hours and quarters.


Schneider Trophy Weathervane

The first man to fly at more than 400 miles per hour was Flight Lt George Stainforth, who set this record in 1931.  The weathervane shows his aeroplane, the Rolls-Royce powered Supermarine S.6B seaplane

Greenhill Chalets

The Greenhill Chalets are a great feature of the Gardens. They are a sought after benefit for folk wanting to have a relaxing base in the Gardens.

Licences for their use are governed by Greenhill Community Trust CIC Ltd.
Please contact them for any information about the chalets
Contact: e:gct@gmx.co.uk

The Company also control the sandpit and paddling pool area sited at the start of the beach wall. It is open to the public all year round. The pool is filled daily from May to October.

Two Tier Chalets

These unusual beach chalets were built in 1923. They were listed as Grade II buildings in 2008. In the words of English Heritage “they represent an early and innovative example of beach hut design. They are rare examples of elaborately designed beach facilities”.

This area is managed by Greenhill Community Trust CIC Ltd. Contact: e:gct@gmx.co.uk

plants and flowers

The Gardeners at Greenhill Garden plant thousands of lovely little bedding plants each and every year with such care and attention to detail. You won’t be disappointed when you visit, as there are so many gorgeous plant beds to admire, including a wildflower and sensory area.

It’s such a special place that the Weymouth College even has an educational area tucked away here! It’s truly a wonderful experience to explore the beautiful oasis at Greenhill Garden.

CArpet Bedding

Be amazed at the meticulous planting of thousands of miniature plants that create a detailed tableau, often in honour of a local charity.  This skill, known as carpet bedding, has been passed down from one generation of gardeners to the next.  The plants are reared in the Weymouth Town greenhouses and are planted in May each year.


The Friends group fundraised to provide a small bandstand in the Gardens. It is a focus of all the musical fun that FOGG organise throughout the summer months. 

This small bandstand was built by FOGG in 2014, and has been used every year (Covid excepted) for summer concerts with local bands playing live music.

It is available for other groups to use. Please complete the Contact Form to provide details of your request

Celebration Arch

To honour Queen Elizabeth. Officially opened on 1st April 2019 by HM Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset, Mr Angus Campbell. Designed by Tina Walton. Constucted by Simon Meiklejohn. The Arch mimics a wave emanating from Weymouth Bay crashing onto the beach.


The Bennett Shelter

The Bennett Shelter was a benevolent donation by local Mayor V.H Bennett to mark the end of the First World War on 11th November 1918. Open weekdays 8am-4pm (summer) and 8am- 3pm (winter).

Wishing Well

In the late 1980’s a ‘wishing well’, donated by Melcombe Regis Rotary Club, was introduced into the lower gardens; to this day any monies thrown into the well are collected and presented to a local charity.

Animal Sculptures

Hidden amongst the flowerbeds are 6 animal sculptures. They are hand carved in portland stone by members of The Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust. They were installed in May 2021

Rangers Away

Next to the Garden’s Seascape Restaurant is a wide footpath with steps running from the main Greenhill road to the Esplanade. In 2023 it was named “Rangers Way.” It commemorates the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the United States Rangers who were based in the Greenhill area during the Second World War. They boarded ships in Weymouth Harbour bound for France’s Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc on D-Day in June 1944.